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Predictions, Praise in the international press


'Many economists and business planners may turn to the volume for guidance as to how to improve their highly unsuccessful forecasting methods.' Financial Times

'Impressed by the power of natural growth curves, Modis applies them to everything from the progression of epidemics to the creative potential of geniuses.' Newsweek

'Modis offers a fascinating technique for making forecasts in such areas as AIDS research, economics, life expectancy, and even artistic achievement.' The Futurist

'We have the technology now to forecast many social phenomena... . I follow the work of Theodore Modis, who nicely sums up the case for the utility and believability of predictions.' Kevin Kelly, Wired

'You must read this book. It is the most delightful one on forecasting I have encountered in a very long time. Written for the enjoyment of both layperson and professional, it is fascinating and provocative.' Technological Forecasting & Social Change

'Modis cites the relationship of his "overall" 56-year cycle and evidence on the associated clustering of technological innovation to prior work by Kondratieff and Schumpeter (in my opinion, Modis' evidence on these topics is more extensive and compelling than that of either of these scholars.)' Science

'Interesting, well written, enjoyable, controversial, thought provoking.' Simon van der Meer, Physicists, Nobel Prize 1984

'A fascinating book' Kosta Tsipis, professor of physics at MIT

'A lot of highly selective fun re-invoking much in my own past experiences.' George Wald, professor emeritus of biology at Harvard, Nobel Prize 1967

'I think its important for anyone in this business [investments] to read Predictions.' Tom Dorsey, author of Point & Figure Charting

[Your book] will help me become an even better dad and husband. Hamilton Lewis II, Stock Market Analyst

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